Hallie-Monmouth Junction

A huge thank you to Rotating Chefs! I work for a large global company where we hold many events, one of which is an employee appreciation day. I have been working with Rotating Chefs for the last two years, and they provide a great service, with an abundance of truck choices. The company is efficient, communicative, and provides all the necessary steps with paperwork, SO easy to work with! Friendly staff, friendly food truck owners, and great food! Both years, we highly enjoyed out selections. Special thank you to Nancy, she is a wonderful partner to work with, caters to all your needs, and makes everything as easy and as fast as can be! I will continue to use Rotating Chefs for many events and highly recommend this company to all, corporate, personal, events, they really do an amazing job!

Hallie-Monmouth Junction
Andrew Sytnik-Community Manager<br> Naval Square, FirstService Residential

Large residential communities partake in a number of social events through out the year. One common ask of management is "let's get food trucks" to the property. However, reaching out to many trucks individually resulted in a required upfront cost that is a major detraction and not budgeted for. Rotating Chefs solves this problem and provides an amazing service to our community. The community looks forward to "Food Truck Night" at Naval Square.

Andrew Sytnik-Community Manager
Naval Square, FirstService Residential
Judy-Property Manager<br>Edison, NJ

Thank you “Rotating Chefs” for keeping our weeks at work worth while. Ever since you started scheduling food trucks at our location, people are looking forward to the next weeks trucks. It’s something different and ALL the buildings and employees enjoy the trucks and of course the awesome food.

I would recommend any large enough facility try it out. GIVE IT A TRY!!!

Judy-Property Manager
Edison, NJ