Property Owners

We Cater a Variety of Events:

  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • Business Park Lunches
  • Retail Events
  • Client Appreciation Events
  • Special Occasions

We have gourmet food trucks of all varieties. Taco trucks, brick oven pizza trucks, burger trucks, BBQ trucks, Empanada trucks, Lobster trucks, Cupcake trucks, donut trucks and many more. We have trucks for all of your catering needs.

We will save you time and money. Consider us your hub for food trucks. Whether you are looking for one food truck or many food trucks for your event we got you covered. We will do all of the work for you. We will also negotiate a price with the trucks, which is often a better deal then if you were working with the trucks directly.

Why Have Rotating Chefs Lunch Lot on Your Property?

Rotating Chefs Lunch Lot is a great way to attract new tenants, retain existing tenants and keep employees happy! We provide the perfect amenity for your tenants/employees by setting up mobile food courts utilizing the area’s best food trucks. The Lunch Lot supplements and complements locations with existing food service and provides a great amenity for those locations with no food service. We service corporate office parks, corporate headquarters, industrial parks and other similar locations at no cost to the property owner.

Rotating Chefs provides a rotation of the area’s most popular food trucks at your location ranging from fan favorites like BBQ and burgers to specialty foods such as fusion tacos and falafel. Each food truck specializes in a cuisine, so trucks can be rotated to keep things fresh and interesting.

The Lunch Lot can be tailored to specific needs from one to five days per week and with one or more food trucks per day. Food truck lots create a festival like atmosphere offering an exciting alternative to regular cafeteria food. Food truck lots are already operating successfully in other parts of the country and we are already having great success in NJ.

Rotating Chefs Lunch Lot Handles Everything, Including:

  • Communicating with customers to advise them of truck schedules, menus and weekly specials.
  • Confirming food trucks have proper permits and certificates of insurance.
  • Gathering customer feedback to provide the most popular trucks at the proper frequency.
  • Scheduling all food trucks, including rotations and rescheduling due to inclement weather.
  • Tailoring food truck selections to meet customer needs, including type of food and price point.
  • Vetting food trucks so customers receive quality food and good service.
  • Working with food trucks to offer specials and discounts.
Rotating Chefs
Rotating Chefs

What We Need from You

Since the program requires a minimum level of participation, Rotating Chefs Lunch Lot requires the ability to enhance participation by communicating with building occupants (using mediums like email, signage, flyers etc.).

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