Food Truck Owners

Want the opportunity to do a killer weekday lunch on a weekly or even daily basis?

Rotating Chefs Lunch Lot provides excellent locations for work week lunches in corporate office parks, corporate headquarters, industrial parks and other similar locations.

Rotating Chefs Lunch Lot Provides the Following Services to Our Food Truck Partners:

  • Access to high-volume lunch locations.
  • Communication with building occupants to keep them up to date on truck schedules, menus and specials.
  • Gathering of customer feedback to provide the proper rotation of trucks and scheduling.
  • Scheduling of all locations-all you do is show up.
  • Tailoring food truck selections to meet customer needs, including type of food and price point.

By working with Rotating Chefs Lunch Lot, you won’t hear “I didn’t know there were going to be food trucks here today” from potential customers. This is one of the most frustrating sentences one can hear as a food truck operator.

We solve that problem by communicating with the customer. The customer will be made aware of truck schedules, menus and special offerings. We also keep the customers coming back by scheduling appropriately including rotating trucks to keep things fresh and interesting.

Food truck lineups will be determined based on specific criteria, including results of Rotating Chefs Lunch Lot research defining customer demand. More popular trucks will be asked back with more frequency. Popularity will be based on customer feedback and total sales reported. Each location will be tested to ensure a high volume of sales.

Rotating Chefs
Rotating Chefs